Price: $1,997.00

Over 15 hours valued at $3,000 of my clinical expertise

Stop Overeating and Heal your relationship with food

end the binge

What's in My Program?

My Coaching course will empower you to transform your relationship with food and recognize and validate your emotions instead of avoiding or numbing them.
Get healthy with me; take advantage of my expertise and proven path.

Working with a coach who has the years and knowledge will help you achieve your results more efficiently and faster than doing it alone.

Invest in your help by investing in a coaching program that is going to keep you on track and keep you accountable.

Why Me?

I know the pain of wanting to look and feel better about myself; I want you to feel good in your body again so that you enjoy time with your family and friends.

This coaching program will allow you to spend less time on calories in and calories out and more time enjoying yourself.

My coaching program using my six signature steps will take you from your limiting beliefs to feeling powerful and in control of your eating patterns.

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New Bonus

Not only do you get access to my course (11 modules each filled with video tutorials, journal prompts, and actionable steps) But you get a module on intuitive eating as well as a lesson on why dieting does not work (it's not about willpower).

How This Approach Is Different

Because you get my expertise, my support, and accountability, you can achieve that transformation and no longer be in the negative cycle of Emotional Eating.

Because we're working at getting to the root of the emotional eating; not depriving yourself, not counting calories for the rest of your life—instead let's create a real consistent mind shift around your relationship with food.

A Gift to Yourself: Coaching

Actual Price of the Program: My Coaching services for 4 months are worth $3200 Each Module (knowledge, research, and hours spent) is $ 400 11 Modules Valued at 400 each = $4400 Total Value of the Package: $7600

Investment in yourself: 4,000

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STOP OverEating Coaching Program

Have you tried the calorie counting diets; the only protein diets; all of the apps and shakes and still not the progress that you want?

Well statistically anywhere from 5-20% of dieters are successful. I don’t know about you but those numbers suck.

In this coaching course, we will discuss how emotional eating can affect our bodies, both physically and mentally.

An emotional eating disorder occurs when food is used as a short-term solution for negative emotions you are unable to cope with and use food as comfort.

We will use eleven modules to discuss healthier coping mechanisms, explore the roots of the patterns and create a new narrative for yourself to improve your life and overall well-being.

Each module includes a detailed worksheet and journal questions for reflection at the end of every video.

My courses and coaching process are built on my 6 Pillars which transform potential into tangible results and lead to lasting change.

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Mindful Analysis
  • Adaptative Internal Resources
  • Exploration of Roots
  • Powerful Memories
  • Change the Narrative

Each of the 11 modules provides health coaching that includes a detailed worksheet and journal prompt for reflection at the end of every video.

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